How We Can Work Together

And why you won’t get an exact time and budget estimate from us

We are a well-rounded digital innovation agency with a true drive for excellence. This means we focus on both the aesthetics and functionality of each project. When we agree to work with you, we commit to delivering a fully-fledged web solution that pleases the eye and exceeds the expectations of your visitors.  

To be able to deliver on this promise, we avoid exact project estimates beforehand. In this post, we’ll talk about how we work, why we avoid precise estimates, and most importantly—how you benefit from our approach.

How we work

We collaborate with our clients in three ways:

Read on to find out what each means and what you can expect from us.

Subscription-based model

With this model, our team becomes your team. We will be working tightly together on creating a product specifically designed to achieve your business goals. With us on your team, you won’t have the burden of finding and managing your own designers and developers. 

Instead, for a subscription fee, you will get a fully functional team of experts who will take care of organizing and carrying out the work, communicating, and delivering the solution directly to you.

Most of our subscription clients have worked with us for a long time. These are companies without an in-house design team and with little experience in leading a team of designers. It works best for companies in the growth stage.

Under the subscription model, we also work with companies that have an in-house design but need another team to handle a specific project — which they themselves can take over at a later stage.

Project-based model

We know that being agile and shipping regularly matters, no matter which market you serve. That’s why we also work with clients on a project-by-project basis.

If you’re faced with a one-off project/product requirement and you want to take an agile approach to it, this model is for you. 

On your end, you should come with a clearly defined brief, budget, and timeline. On our end, we will align with your team and plan to help produce a new website or app right on time for launch, syncing and making necessary tweaks along the way to make the product stand out.

Workshop model

This model gets great results for teams in the product ideation stage. If you want to test out an idea and see how it can be turned into a feasible product, we can organize a workshop and work on expanding and testing your plan. 

During the workshop we will work as consultants, going through all aspects of the product and producing a clear plan for product design and development. You can then decide whether you want us to carry out the plan or you want your in-house design and development team to take over.

Whether we use agile or waterfall methodologies is determined by the product to be built. Waterfall has proven to be particularly effective for websites, while an agile approach is great when you’re building software that you know from the get-go will take longer than six months of work.

Why we work the way we work

We came up with these collaboration models after analyzing our past work and experience in design and development. Through the lessons learned along the way, we came to several conclusions:

Each project is dynamic

More often than not, products take a U-turn in their deployment stage, diverging substantially from how they looked in the ideation stage. This often involves additional costs and hours which deviate from any initial, precise budget/time estimates. As a result, promises get broken and deadlines get missed, which can create dissatisfaction even when the end product is a success. 

We want to avoid such disappointments on your end. For us, it’s key that the end product is optimal for the end user. Because each product and company is unique, it’s difficult to estimate what “optimal” entails before we start working. 

Operating without a fixed estimate allows us to put the quality of the project first, rather than to have to fit the project outcome into the estimated budget and time.

We’re experts in front end

In the early days when we were only starting to carve out our processes, project management was a bit of a struggle for us. As we were working for other companies, it was a challenge to organize the workload. So, each time a client wanted to take care of managing our team of people and thus create a retainer model, we’d go for it.

In the meantime we’ve mastered our own project management, but we’ve kept this “plug-in” model as an option. We realized we’re considered front-end experts, so we decided we should focus on what we do best. In this spirit, we’ve continued making collaboration arrangements with backend companies that hire us for the front end to enhance their key projects with our expertise.

What’s in it for you

You can let go of process management and let us take care of all aspects of your product. Our models have proven to be highly cost-effective for our clients, as there are no unpredicted deviations. 

Proceeding without a precisely estimated budget means no shortcuts on our end to meet that budget. Shortcuts can be costly in the long run and do damage to a company’s reputation. Our best work means your best work too, and the highest value for you.

What’s in it for us

These models give us the freedom to deliver the best product possible. We know the intricacies of website and app building and we know how to take the reins through any potential issue and make sure the project flows smoothly.

While anticipating costs is an important part of profitability,  it’s more important to your bottom line that we, as your collaborators, have enough flexibility to deliver a product that will make an impact and let you reach your targets.

Want to build a product that brings optimum functionality and attractive design to your users? Get in touch and let’s discuss the best way for us to work together.

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