Intelisale - UI & UX Design for Web and Mobile Application

October 2017


Intelisale is a SaaS tool created to help sales organizations improve their efficiency. It’s
development started in 2015 and in 2017 - when we became involved - it included web and mobile applications.
Our task was to design new UI & UX for both applications, in order to simplify executing
everyday sales task and to improve app usage.


With Intelisale, our task was hefty from the very start. It was a robust solution working on several platforms, and mobile apps supported both smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android operating systems.
New app UI had to support complex sales processes and quickly show lists with several hundreds of products, in a simple way, so sales reps don’t feel constrained. A multitude of diverse features and robust reporting module didn’t make the project any less complex.
For nearly six months, our design team showed exquisite stamina and dedication, to design the optimal UI & UX that is still used today, more than 2 years after the project has ended.

“We needed a lean and effective UX design to improve our customers’ experience. I am happy to say that Made Tight’s expertise has made our sales platform easy to use and at the same time improved its performance, to the satisfaction of our users.”

Nemanja Mališić, CEO


Before starting with any actual design, we had lengthy discovery meetings with Intelisale. We needed to know everything about the digital product in its current form, about the processes the apps had to support, as well as get all the feedback they got from the app users.
All of this helped us get started and plan the project in advance.
We decided to start with the web app as it was a bit simpler task, but one that would also help us set some key standards for the project as a whole. We worked on rehauling it and setting a visual language to use for mobile apps as well, and the whole process went smoothly but was a lengthy one with bi-weekly sprints to get feedback on tasks done and to brief the team on next steps.
Once we had the visual identity in place, and the web product was finished, the mobile platforms were somewhat easier to design but more complex from the UX perspective. There was no way of working around the abundance of data, so with the mobile version, we enabled pop-up screens wherever possible. Using this approach enabled us to provide users with visual cues about the actions they were undertaking within a specific app feature.
On all platforms, color patterns were aligned to provide a consistent experience, but with larger icons purposefully implemented on mobile to facilitate easier user interaction with their devices.


Intelisale’s mobile apps are a crucial part of their digital product. Field sales reps rely on it daily and the key metric we needed to achieve was user satisfaction. Their feedback, although subjective, tells us we have done a good job. But this can also be shown by data.
After our project has ended, in the first month sales productivity grew by 17% and continued growing, eventually stabilizing at 21% higher than before.

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