Intelisale - Brand Identity Design & Website Development

October 2017


Intelisale is a SaaS tool created to help sales organizations improve their efficiency. It’s development started in 2015. In 2017 they came to us with the goal of creating a new brand name, visual identity, and marketing website that will make them recognizable on the international market.


As with any brand identity design, it is always subject to subjective opinions and wishes, so our role was not only to create something we like but to guide our client and come up with the final solution together.
This was the most important part of the project, as it is the foundation for developing an interesting brand story and designing a marketing website that will help Intelisale achieve its goals.

“To compete in the competitive global market, we needed to define a brand identity that will be memorable and clearly communicate what Intelisale is all about. Made Tight’s team guided us smoothly through the whole process and after designing our new brand identity we were happy to have them work on our website as well.”

Nemanja Mališić, CEO


We split the project into several phases. During the first phase, we worked on understanding the product so we could create brand identity that will present it in the best possible way. During several rounds of discussions, brainstorming sessions and ideas sharing, we finally came up with Intelisale - a perfect name to quickly explain what the product is all about. Adding intelligence to the sales processes!
The next phase was a bit easier - we needed to come up with colors that will represent Intelisale both online and offline. Make it approachable and professional. Blue - as in many other cases - proved to be the perfect one!
The project was rounded off with development of the marketing website. The idea behind the layout was straightforward - simplicity and conciseness were key, so we opted for a white background with varied shades of blue for illustrations to align it with the logo. Each page was designed to be scrollable beginning to end, with a large, easily readable font and as few sentences as possible. Intelisale is a complex digital product and we needed to make sure that the website visitors would get the whole picture without spending more than 5 minutes on the website.


For us, the biggest measure of success is the fact that more than 2 years after the project was finished - Intelisale brand identity still looks modern and fresh.
The website was refreshed in the meantime to align it with Intelisale’s product strategy, but the overall look and feel remain the same.
We are thankful for the opportunity to be an integral part of Intelisale’s marketing processes, and cherish the responsibilities such opportunities bear.

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