SimplyTastly Mobile App Redesign

October 2018


SimplyTastly is Coca-Cola’s application for foodies in Serbia. It was launched in 2015 and from the very start enabled users to quickly find recipes they want to try out, to plan their grocery shopping, and to get step-by-step cooking guides.

After Apple released the new iPhone X in late 2017, it was clear that the app needed an update in order to adapt to the changes brought by the new device.

The team behind the app - bStorm - went looking for a partner that will bring necessary iOS expertise to the table alongside a great understanding of modern UX and UI design trends.

They chose to work with us based on recommendations and what they saw in our portfolio. We worked closely together to create a new app design in line with current trends, user habits, and iOS changes.


When bStorm approached us to start working on the project, SimplyTastly app has already been well established on the market. It had thousands of users and tons of user feedback with many requests for new features and changes to existing ones.

Our first challenge was to work with the development team on aligning this feedback, changes brought on by new iPhone/iOS versions, client’s wishes, and our own experience-based vision.

Additionally, the deadline to launch the new version was less than two months away, so we needed to act quickly and tightly integrate with bStorm’s team. This included adapting to their already set processes and procedures, so coordination with iOS developers would go smoothly.

“Made Tight came highly recommended. Mutual contacts were happy not only by their UX/UI design but also by their expertise with agile web development process and proactivity to push the development until product launch. Their contributions proved crucial in launching the new app version on time and was the basis for establishing ongoing cooperation.”

Vukašin Marković, CEO


Our joint - bStorm’s & Made Tight’s - team first worked on analyzing issues users had with the app. Besides user feedback, we used analytics numbers as well as heat maps to set the basis for the next steps in the project.

Then, we moved on to wireframing the new app UX & UI. Once that was aligned, we worked on the new app design. During the whole project, we relied on an agile approach to solve any questions quickly and get to an optimal solution well before the deadline, so new SimplyTatsly can be thoroughly tested before going live.


As any developer and designer can tell you - working on a project that was initially created by somebody else is at the very least challenging. We were lucky that we clicked well with bStorm’s developers, and that everything went smoothly.

Redesigned app was launched on time in August 2018.

This included finding a neat solution for one little quirk - a feature that enables users to easily collect points by entering one-time codes from the Coca-Cola bottle caps. does not naturally fit into a cookbook type of application, but we managed to integrate it in a way that improved user satisfaction and the number of codes entered.

But, probably the most important result, looking from our standpoint is that we are still involved with the SimplyTastly app development and will soon launch a new version with an innovative user-generated content feature.

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